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Tionscadal 16
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Any chance you would have a couple of million Euros to spare?


Conradh na Gaeilge and Fondúireacht na Gaeilge have come together to launch a campaign to establish an National Cultural Centre (Lárionad Náisiúnta na Gaeilge)for the Irish language in Dublin. The campaign is called Tionscadal 16 to commemorate the one hundreth anniversary of the 1916 Rising .

CLICK HERE to see the Tionscadal 16 leaflet


  • Because there is a need for such a centre in the capital city specifically to cater for the Irish spreaking community and for those learning Irish (including second-level and third level students) so that they could benefit from a full range of cultural and social facilities.
  • Because there is a need for suitable facilities in Dublin for exhibitions, conferences, Irish language theatre, radio and television facilities, bookshop, bars and restaurant, meeting rooms, classrooms.
  • A single multipurpose cultural centre would give focus to Irish language activities in Dublin.
  • A cultural centre would give the language huge visibility in Dublin and show the dynamic for Irish which exists in the capital.


  1. To integrate, strengthen and extend the Irish-speaking community in Dublin and also nationally and internationally.
  2. To place a specific emphasis on attracting young people to the centre to enable them use Irish socially.
  3. To add to the image and status of Irish in Dublin, and both nationally and internationally.
  4. To enable people from every cultural background to experience the Irish language and the culture which it vehicles.
  5. To extend the influence of the Lárionad/National Cultural Centre as part of the projcted national strategic plan for Irish in order to effectively promote the Irish language and culture throughout the country.
  6. To be run on a non-profit but self-financing basis.
  7. To provide cultural activities to the highest professional standards.


  • The Irish-speaking community in Dublin and nationally.
  • Those learning Irish, in particular young people.
  • Those with a passive knowledge (understanding) of Irish.
  • Transition-year students.
  • Irish people of the diaspora and foreigners with an interest in Irish.

According to the last census (2006) almost 41% of Irish people have some level of ability in Irish, from fluent native speakers, to those with the ‘cúpla focal’ – a few words; over four hundred thousand people in Dublin City and County alone fall into this category.


It is essential that the Lárionad be located in Dublin City centre between the Rotonda in O’Connell Street and St Stephen’s Green for three reasons:

  • So that it would be easily accessible from all areas of Dublin City and County.
  • That it would be visible and prominent and as such a statement of confidence in the future of the Irish language.
  • That because of it’s visibility it would attract new people towards the language.


The Lárionad will provide a broad range of services and facilities, including:

  • Multipurpose area for theatre, concerts and conferences,
  • Meeting rooms/classrooms/workshops,
  • Facilities for youth clubs, activities,
  • A Naíolann (crèche) and a naíonra (playgroup),
  • Club Chonradh na Gaeilge,
  • Book/ record shop,
  • Restaurant facilities,
  • Radio and television studios,
  • Offices for Irish-language organisations and for other activities according as demand develops, and as far as is feasible,

It is envisaged that the building will house the head-office of Conradh na Gaeilge.

We estimate that 1500 square metres will be required.


This will depend on current market prices for suitable buildings in Dublin City centre and, in the case of an existing building, on the cost of refurbishment. We estimate that between 2 and 3 million Euros will be needed. This is therefore a substantial and ambitious project.


The target date is Easter 2016 to commemorate the one hundreth anniversary of the Easter 1916 Rising which gave rise to the eventual establishment of the State. An National Irish language cultural Centre for Dublin and Ireland is, we believe, a most suitable way to commemorate the Rising and its leaders in particular Pádraig Pearse who was so committed to the Irish language. Therefore we are calling the campaign for this cultural centre Tionscadal a 16.


This ambitious project- the biggest project that the Irish speaking community has ever undertaken - is being started without any promise of State support.A permanent centre will bring the Irish language to the people of Dublin in a lively, enjoyable and focused way and will attract new speakers of Irish -young people in particular.It will therefore be a very important step forward for the language not only in Dublin but nationally.


Fondúireacht na Gaeilge Teo.,

Ciste an Lárionaid
43 Páirc Theampall Ruáin,
Baile Átha Cliath 16



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